Company overview


We need to take a moment to say thank you.

We are grateful that you want to know more about GCT Properties Janitorial and Building Maintenance Services and appreciate the time you’re giving us to discover a new take on cleaning services altogether. At GCT Properties Janitorial Services our goal is to provide reliable quality and affordable sanitation solutions for every home, business and institution we serve, and find joy in going above and beyond those expectations on a daily basis for our customers. We understand that every job we do is unique that’s why we will have a meeting with you to create a detailed schedule that fits your needs, whether you require, special event cleaning, or daily / weekly / biweekly / monthly cleaning. This type of attention and personalized service is what made us an excellent choice for you regarding to the cleaning service in the state of Maryland.

GCT Properties is established to provide high quality cleaning services, attentive and professional staff, and top quality customer service to the MD, VA and businesses. We take great pride in what we do; therefore, we direct our attention to details and reliability when performing our services. We believe that every element of the cleaning job, no matter how small it can be, contributes to the overall quality of our service. We want to provide cleaning services above the competition. When you think about sanitation and healthy environment for yourself, clients, or loved ones, think GCT Properties and open a brand-new door to a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Our people are our greatest asset. The cleaning industry in general is known for its high turnover of staff; GCT Properties we have many staff members who have been with us since day one. We treat our people like family which lead us into higher job satisfaction and consistent quality service for the client. Happy staff members are the key of any successful company and you can noticed it, as soon as you speak with one of our representative. We maintain the highest quality staff and top notch customer service standards.

Also, we fully understand the safety of your home or business is always a priority. In GCT Properties we want you to know that your property is in good hands. Our business is about building relationships, delivering top quality cleaning services, and providing exceptional customer care to our clients, along with exceptionally trained staff to do the job.

Green Cleaning

More and more residents of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas are becoming aware of environmental health and are starting to pay attention in creating an environmentally clean and healthy planet. It’s one of the most important issues today, and getting more attention every minute. The term “Green Cleaning” refers to the cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients, designed to preserve human and environmental health. GCT Properties cherishes and values our planet and strives to reduce waste and toxic emissions in all of our services. We at GCT Properties, aim to be a building maintenance company that only use products free of chemically reactive and toxic agents. Those agents can cause respiratory and dermatological problems for both our clients and staff members. Also, we recycle and reduce the use of wasteful products, such as paper towels. We use microfiber cloths for dusting and other reusable materials that get the job done right each time, but are much friendly for our clients and our planet.


The more customers we serve, the easier we sleep at night knowing that we helped someone else do their part for the environment. It’s crucial that we approach each job with our environment’s safety on our minds. It is our belief at GCT Properties that all efforts made into conserving the environment, count towards a healthier population today and a better future for our children tomorrow. GCT Properties is a Janitorial and Building Maintenance Service dedicated to the Green Cleaning approach and its implementation in the Maryland and tristate area on a daily basis, and it really shows in a big way. Through intensive training, our staff manager and crews are educated with environmentally preferred products, cutting edge equipment, and procedures that meet the industry standards.

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