Post Construction

The specialized post-construction cleanup crews clean and sanitize more than 1,500,000 square feet every year. We provide post-construction cleaning for commercial and residential, new construction and renovated space.

Our post-construction services include, but are not limited to:

Dust, dirt, grime, and debris removal

Cleaning, restoring and refinishing floors

Window cleaning

Construction logistics

Acoustical ceiling tile cleaning


Window blind cleaning

Cleaning under raised computer floors

Just as you hire specialized subcontractors to complete specific tasks that are outside the scope of your normal operations, hiring a post-construction cleanup company with the experience, personnel, and equipment to complete the job correctly, will save you time and money. We will meet with you to discuss your specific needs for the space. We will assess any special requirements for the job site, including any complicated project, difficult material to clean, and meet LEED requirements. If your job site has any special safety concerns or other requirements, we can customize our process to meet your needs. We provide an on-call manager 24 hours a day for every post-construction cleanup job.

Our highly-trained specialty crews are used to work in construction environments with other contractors. Our rigorous safety standards and extensive training program ensure the safety of your job site, for the protection of your firm as well as your client’s interests. Performance bonds are available for large projects, if you or your client request it. We are proud that in our 27 years of history we have never had a claim filed on a performance bond.

GCT Properties is certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that allows us to help fulfill our clients’ sub-contractor requirements.

We understand the safety concerns involved in post-construction cleanup, and the liability you and your clients face if accidents occur on your job site. GCT Properties follows all OSHA requirements, including giving our employees correct, job-specific safety gear.

We also implement our own internal safety protocol and training, which is constantly updated to ensure the protection of our customers. Our staff is continuously trained by supervisors to keep updated on safety measures, equipment maintenance, and cleaning procedures. Our supervisors have quarterly meetings with experts in safety regulations and other post-construction cleanup concerns.

Janitorial Services

From our dedicated, experienced staff to our advanced equipment and procedures, GCT Properties is committed to exceeding our commercial janitorial service clients’ expectations. As a leader in the Baltimore-D.C. Region, we service over 800 thousand square feet daily.

We have clients in different industries and sectors, including commercial offices, industrial facilities, medical facilities, private institutions, government institutions, churches, primary schools, colleges, and universities. The Janitorial Division typically cleans facilities of 20,000 square feet and more, while the Specialty Division works on facilities of all sizes.

In over 27 years of operations, we have developed long-term relationships with many property managers and management companies. Some of our current clients are using our services since the early 1990s.

Our Commercial Janitorial Services include, but are not limited to:

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Hard Surface Maintenance

Porter Service

Hotel Maid Service


Odor Control

The professionalism and experience of our staff are a fundamental of why our clients continue to recommend our commercial cleaning services. We are able to achieve these high standards by retaining our employees and promoting from within. With over half of our staff employed by us for more than three years, our clients receive better service from our dedicated, highly-trained employees.

GCT Properties area managers meet at least two nights each week with every building supervisor and the cleaning staff to ensure that the quality standards are achieved. The building supervisors meet weekly with the tenant representatives to review our performance and evaluate the services provided to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. The managers inspect janitor closets and buildings constantly to ensure that no building or tenant will experience a safety issue due to our error. We conduct regular inspections and evaluate our performance with our customer’s input with our online-based inspection software.

In an effort to keep our staff updated on relevant issues, training sessions are given by the building supervisor to the entire crew every month to address safety issues, equipment maintenance, and quality cleaning. Our supervisors attend quarterly training meetings where we bring experts from all the departments of our organization to act as presenters on safety, labor law, unemployment insurance, and other issues critical to our industry. Our owners, managers, and supervisors goes regularly to conferences, seminars and training sessions held by industry professional development associations.

As a leader in “green cleaning,” we have incorporated environmentally-friendly cleaning products, procedures, and equipment into our operations, from start to finish. The result is a reduction in waste and harmful chemicals and a healthier, more productive facility for our clients.

Insurance Financial Advisors

Capabilities Statement

The efficiency of any organization relies primarily on the efficiency of its human resources and the success of the organization depends on finding the best elements of human power.

Our HR outsourcing solutions enable mission-driven organizations to get better results by focusing on their people and workplace culture backed by HR policies, processes and financial efficiency. Our unique combination of deep functional expertise, sector-specific experience, and thoughtful approach to HR, provide an invaluable partnership to your organization.

Our dedicated HR Team approaches every engagement in a strategic and holistic manner. Providing enterprise wide policy review, IT system compliance and controls, payroll processes, employee benefit compliance, evaluating the clients approach to leadership, the outcomes it wants to achieve and the nuances of your workplace culture. We integrate our team in your organization and prioritize an understanding of your people organizational needs.

Insuraty HR outsourcing practice, provides your organization all the benefits of an insourced HR team, but with less expense and deeper expertise.

The Insuraty approach consists on the initial step to employment, policies and procedures, compliance and planning throughout the term of the contract from start to finish. Supported by valued added services to save you time and money. From arranging the best employee benefits package to simplifying payroll and protecting your company.

With Insuraty, we are committed in providing leadership and high quality service to our clients by assessing their needs and addressing them through our hands on dedicated Consultancy, Operations Management, Generalist and Support Staff and partnership model.

Human Resources Outsourcing - Managing the day to day workload of human capital management.

Payroll & Technology Solutions - Payroll services and technology to navigate the benefits process.

Employee Benefits - Offering top Insurance and Retirement products and providers since 1994.

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