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Strategic Planning – Multi-Site Operations – Strategic Alliances New Business Development – Logistics & Distribution
Finance & Budgeting – Organization Design & Development

Leadership – Organized and created a Property Managing firm that operates and manages $25,000,000 of Real Estate in Puerto Rico.

Leased – Over 2 million square feet of office space leased in the heart of the Financial District in San Juan for commercial clients

Entrepreneur / Innovator – LNPS, Inc. developed two residential building and served as liaison between private Institutional Bank an City Government

Real Estate – Purchase of homes to renovate them and sell them to interested home buyers. Served in capacity of financing and development strategies.

Customer Service / Customer Relations – Increased our client base by 12% yr to gain market share in focusing on new corporate goals of quality to establish solid customer relationships.


Columbian Union College
MD BA in Business

Loma Linda University
CA Health Science BS concentration in Business


1992 – 2018
C.O.L. Industries, Inc.:
Chief Executive Officer and President
As CEO, President of C.O.L. Industries, Inc., COL Industries is a Property Managing firm that operates and manages $25,000,000 of Real State in Puerto Rico. C.O.L. Industries serves in a variety of forms for our clients.

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Accounting
  • Leasing
  • Build out of office space for tenants
  • Coordinates all plumbing, electrical, mayor repairs and mayor budget preparation for yearly operations.
  • Within the Janitorial operations COL’s personnel preformed the following:
    • Cleaning all office space (desk and cubicles)
    • Seal floors
    • Clean all windows
    • Wax floor and shine them
    • Cleaning elevators
    • Change light bulbs
    • Clean and repair doors
    • Light plumbing
    • Mop
    • Dust
    • Light, spot painting
    • Shampoo rugs
    • Oversee parking clean up
    • Clean all stainless steel surfaces
    • Clean elevator cabins
    • Clean building entrance
    • Vacuum clean rugs
    • Bathroom clean ups, maintain all toiletries within bathrooms

C.O.L. Industries operates residential and commercial properties. It has been in operation for over 20 years covering most of the island. From a very small company to one of the largest property management companies in Puerto Rico, C.O.L Industries is a leader in its industry.

Miguel Carmona started C.O.L. Industries from a fledgling company developing its accounting protocols, its management focus, its human resource division, its supervisor style, and helped it to compete in a very competitive market. He has been successful demonstrating his management skills, focus, missions and determination in become a true leader in his field.

2004 – 2006
LNPS Development, Inc.
As president of this company, it was the vision to develop two residential buildings to help individual families who had never owned a home, have the opportunity to own one. This was achieved in partnership with local City Government and a mayor local Bank, the funds were secured for the first residential complex in this area in 30 years. Construction began in 2004 and by 2006 both building were completed, owners moved in and the Mayor of San Juan inaugurated both building as a testament of private and municipal achievements.

In this project Miguel Carmona participated as follows:

  • Conceived the Project.
  • Served as in liaison between City Government and Bank Financing of both projects.
  • Prepared the legal Back Bone to satisfied City requirements.
  • Prepared all construction Budgets and managed 8 million dollars of construction loans.
  • Hired the contractor and inspectors for proper supervision.
  • Within 18 months all was completed and sold. Bank repaid.

2006 – 2008
Downtown Builders, Inc.
DTB, Inc. was created to purchase homes, renovate them revitalize the area and sell the homes to interested home buyers.
DTB, Inc accomplished this using bank inventory through the reposed homes division, providing DTB, Inc. the tools to acquire the homes. DTB, Inc. at the height of the market purchased 30 homes during a period of 2 years to be one of the leading companies and investor for local banks in remodeling homes and selling in very competitive market.

Miguel Carmona participated as follows:

  • Prepared the Bank financing for all purchases.
  • Budget Analysis
  • Partnered with Mortgage companies prepared the right plan for each sale.
  • Paid the loans completely and many satisfied home owners

1995 – 2008
Corporate Realty
Was created to provide clients with corporate commercial space in the heart of San Juan Financial district.
To date we have leased over 2 million square feet of office space in the heart of the Financial District in San Juan.

GCT-Capital LLC
A Maryland Corporation that developed Sequra-Card Prepaid Debit Card for the Hispanic community for Individual use, and for Corporation. Currently in use in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

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